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“The Zach Chronicles: My First Book of Poor Life Choices” is now available on Amazon.

What people are saying about The Zach Chronicles:

“The Zach Chronicles is raw, colorful and hysterical. Kelty's writing style is extreme, playful and creative. These stories jump off the pages and drench you with margaritas and bodily fluids. And she makes you laugh throughout. Alternately clever and crude - always funny. Candie Kelty is a wonderful, edgy blend of David Sedaris, Candace Bushnell and Charles Bukowski. And she has some legendary décolletage, which she ain't afraid to use for our entertainment. If you like those writers, you'll love this book.”
- Brian Palermo (Actor, The Tonight Show, The Social Network)

“You know the things you've done, in private that you pray to god no one ever finds out about? The things you hide. You lie about. These are the things you don't write about graphically in a light, witty, magical, way as if you are telling a story about tea with a friend. Kelty apparently never learned this, because she takes what should be a shocking expose of her worst life choices and drops them on you like glorious, whimsical urban fairy tales. Beautiful, hilarious, outrageous fairy tales that lift you out of your own fucked up secrets and let you laugh and gasp at the genius idea of douching your vagina with cayenne pepper to fix fibroids. GENIUS.”
- Emmy award winner Cheryl Holliday (Producer, Mike and Molly, King of the Hill)

“As Candie's mom, I found this book shocking and hard to believe. Like her saying there was lipstick on the rim of the cereal bowls because they had run out of clean spoons. She was NOT raised that way.”
- Candie's Mom

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